Axelar — project overview. Why you should participate.

Kononenko Stas
2 min readJan 15, 2022


Axelar is a very important project for crypto market. It solves the problem of cross-chain communication. Team created an SDK of protocols and APIs for this.

For developers, Axelar is useful because it helps connect their product to all blockchains in the ecosystem. It gives them the possibility to interact with applications in different networks and to run dapps in different networks.
And for users Axelar will have a wallet to interact with applications in the ecosystem in different networks. There will be a single liquidity between blockchains and the ability to move tokens from one network to another. By doing so this project solves a lot of problems in the current market.

On website you can find information about the support of leading blockchains such as Etherium, Cosmos Avalanche, Terra, Moonbeam, Polygon. In the future will interact with Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and others.
The team has been creating the project for several years. This is a very experienced team able to implement best ideas.

You can see all the people at this link.

Many powerful and interesting personalities in the crypto sphere are following in Twitter. for example, CEO of Coinlist.

Axelar Begins Rollout of Public Mainnet Launch for February 2022 but you can still participate and help the project technically (will open a new testnet soon) and in social networks (by participating in the Ambassador program).

👉Don’t be lazy and study more in official discord server and twitter. 👈