Solarbeam — DeFi on Moonriver&Moonbeam. How to use🧐

Kononenko Stas
2 min readMar 23, 2022


Swap tokens, earn, farm, and participate in launchpad, powered by DeFi — Solarbeam.

Solarbeam is a decentralized exchange, if you want trade your tokens on Moonbeam and Moonriver network you can use this website. Solarbeam is one of the most popular projects built on Moonbeam.

Solarbeam allow users to trade directly from their wallets, rather than through a 3rd party — tokens, never leave you. This means tokens are 100% yours.

To start interacting with site you need to install metamask or you can use WalletConnect. Next, Add a moonriver or moonbeam network

Click connect wallet on Solarbeam

Now you are ready!

For example you can move your USDC from ETH, BSC chains to MOVR network on Bridge Page and

and get 79% annualized return on Farm Page. One of the highest yields today.

But of course do a research before making any decisions on your own. This is not financial advice. Check partnerships from official twitter

Solarbeam its not only about Farming. You can trade your tokens with the highest liquidity from this Swap page from here you can see token statistics. Sometimes it can be very useful.

p.s. here I have only described the basic features of the solarbeam platform.
Also, if you are looking for something else on the moonbeam network you can check out the partnerships page

Keep in mind, listed here ~150 projects not affiliated directly with Moonbeam or the Moonbeam Foundation.

Don’t be lazy and explore this beautiful decentralized world 🤩 Thanks for reading this…

Feel free to join Moonbeam Network on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram for updates.